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IGBT Based Regenerative Charger / Discharger
IGBT Based Regenerative Charger / Discharger
* Fully Automatic Operation
* Easily Programmable Charge-Discharge-Recharge Cycles
* Constant Current Constant Voltage (CC-CV) Charging
* Completely Ripple free pure DC Charging
* Regenerative Discharging without Heater
* Discharging power used to charge other circuit batteries
* Computer/Cloud dashboard capable
Battery Life Cycle Tester
Battery Life Cycle Tester
* Fully Automatic Operation 12V 50A
* DSP/ Microcontroller based design
* Automatic continous Charge Discharge Cycle with counter & times up to 1000 cycles
* Adjustable high and low cut off voltages
* Constant charging current
* Adjustable Charging & Discharging Current LCD Display
Battery Capacity Tester
Battery Capacity Tester
* Fully Automatic Operation
* DSP / Microcontroller based design
* Check battery capacity in AH with time
* Suitable for any type & size of battery
* Constant current Discharging
* Adjustable ampere from 5A to 50 A
* Adjustable low cut off voltage
* LCD Display
* Available in 12V & 48 V
* Computer/Cloud dashboard capable


Since we are engaged in capital goods manufacturing, our mission is to develop latest technology ( in our own R&D Center) to provide reliable, stable and trouble free products to battery manufacturing Industry to enhance the life of their batteries.

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